Bitcoin For Your Data

Earn Bitcoin by selling access to your social media or shopping data to brands of your choice. Stack sats by earning bits of Bitcoin over time as you maintain
control over the data you care about.

Finally, control over our data is possible on the decentralized IPFS network.

Early Access Countdown!

We're offering early access to the BYOD Marketplace for those that sign up and support
our project as we continue building the platform in Q2/Q3 of 2021. Stay tuned for updates!
The BYOD process

How It Works

Upload Your Data To Your BYOD Profile And Choose What To Sell
Receive Offers From Buyers To Access Your Data
Accept or Deny Offers With Ease And Earn Bitcoin!
Download your data from popular platforms like: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Amazon, TikTok, and more. Then upload that data file with ease or enable OAuth access for platforms of your choice!
BYOD attracts businesses and brands who make offers to purchase access to your data. Certain data can be set to auto-accept offers and you can even remove irrelevant data.
Receive payment offers in real-time and easily approve, deny, or counter buyer bids. Payouts are made in Bitcoin sats, you can convert to USD or your native currency if you choose to do so!
Why Choose Us?​​
It’s the dawn of
a better, more
free world.
Safe and
All data is stored and accessed through IPFS, a fully decentralized network of data storage. Our mission is to give everyone the ability to control their data and earn when someone wants to access it!
24/7 Marketplace
The BYOD marketplace is open 24/7 so sellers can earn at any time and brands can access clean and rich data when they need it.

Opt-in Data Access
BYOD provides you with complete control over what data is made available to buyers. Buyers only get access to data on your terms with full transparency. You set the terms and agreement!
Earn bitcoin 
Earn the most attractive and sound money there is by being paid in Satoshis. Stack sats over time and watch your earnings grow

What's On Our Roadmap

Building our browser extension to wrap your online activity automatically into your BYOD profile & Bitcoin wallet to benefit from activities you already do daily. 
Building out OAuth access for all platforms on BYOD so users can grant access via upcoming concierge services, new features and our Umbrel Marketplace App.
Building API's for 3rd party platform access to BYOD data, custom integrations, and automating certain user tasks for data access and management.
Meet Our Team


Stephen Dodge
Operations, Platform, and Marketing Strategy
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Ian Major
Business, Analytics, and Data Strategy
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Joey Figaro
Full Stack Developer
User Experience, Product Design, and Integrations.
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Mark Waser
Full Stack Developer
Data Intelligence, Security, and Platform Design
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"Corporations and social media platforms constantly overstep boundaries with their creepy and honestly annoying tracking methods. If they're going to use my data to do this I want to earn and benefit instead of them seeing all the money and benefits."
Jhosdyn B

Washington DC
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